The Romsey Councils (Romsey Town Council and Romsey Extra Parish Council) have applied for the combined area of the two  parishes to be designated as a Neighbourhood Area.

This has now been granted and will enable the production of a Neighbourhood Plan.

 This plan will set out the proposed developments and planning policies for the designated Neighbourhood Area.

The Councils invite all Residents as well as Local Land Owners, Developers, Businesses and Organisations to submit proposals for
development and suggest policies they would like to see adopted in the Neighbourhood Plan.
The final plan will be subject to approval by referendum of all the residents of the two parishes.

 Proposals, comments and any questions  should be submitted to:

The Town Clerk,
Romsey Town Hall,
Market Place,
Romsey, SO51 8YZ,
or emailed to:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Tel: 01794 512837

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