The Romsey Parishes Neighbourhood Plan ('the plan') is the product of a partnership between Romsey Extra Parish Council and Romsey Town Council and various organisations and the communities therein.

Neighbourhood planning is a relatively new aspect of the Town and Country Planning System and is part of the Government's attempt to give local people more say about what happens in their area. This approach is set out in the Localism Act 2011, which came into force in April 2012.

One important part of the plan will decide where Romsey Extra and Romsey Town's new housing and employment land will be allocated.

With this in mind The Romsey Parishes Management Group is now looking at the whole of our designated area with a view to updating current records in the Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment. (SHLAA).

This is being done by:

  1. Contacting landowners who already have land within the Romsey Parishes included in the Test Valley Borough Council SHLAA and,
  2. Identifying other landowners who may be interested in having land included in the Romsey Neighbourhood Plan SHLAA.

If you are interested in having your land included in the Romsey Neighbourhood Plan SHLAA then please contact The Town Clerk for further information either by post, telephone or email. If your land is already included in the SHLAA and you wish it to continue to be listed, we would like to know who you are so we can contact you. Please send your contact details to The Town Clerk as soon as possible.

It should be acknowledged that the SHLAA relates to potential housing and employment sites promoted by a willing landowner. The SHLAA does not allocate housing sites and the inclusion of a site within the document does not imply that the Council would necessarily grant planning permission for residential or employment use.