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Further activity on the Romsey Neighbourhood Plan has been suspended

The Romsey Neighbourhood Plan Joint Committee has decided to suspend work on the Romsey Neighbourhood Plan as the level of detail in the approved Local Plan 2011 - 2029 issued January 2016 leaves no real scope for neighbourhood planning in the Romsey area.  The Andover Neighbourhood Plan group has come to the same conclusion about the Andover area. The plan does leave scope for neighbourhood planning in the smaller settlements and villages of Test Valley.

Instead of developing a neighbourhood plan the Romsey Neighbourhood Plan group will input to and comment on the various papers issued by or still to be issued by Test Valley Borough Council as part of its development of a revised local plan.

If, as part of the development of the revised local plan, TVBC decides to delegate Romsey area tasks to the RNP group then work will recommence.

The Romsey Neighbourhood Plan is the joint responsibility of Romsey Town Council and Romsey Extra Parish Council in partnership with other groups, organisations and members of the community.

Drafting a Neighbourhood Plan is a community process. The RNP will develop from the ideas and needs of the community and driven by the community.

Neighbourhood planning gives communities direct power to develop a shared vision for their neighbourhood and deliver the sustainable development they need.

"When local communities are empowered to lead and influence decision-making, it makes a real difference in their area. Each community faces its own unique set of challenges but I have never yet come across a community where there are not people with the passion and enthusiasm to change their neighbourhoods for the better; every community is a place of possibility".  Steve Wyler - Chief Executive, Locality