We have a totally agnostic housing policy with no pre-determined levels of housing and no pre-determined sites in mind.


We are seeking to agree what amount of new housing is appropriate for Romsey and whether it should be on large sites or dispersed sites.  We will consult on this.


In parallel we are identifying all possible housing sites in the two parishes. This will form an updated Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA) for the Romsey Neighbourhood Plan area.  We are doing this by a combination of direct mailing to local landowners, advertising in the press and map searching.


These sites will be subject to an open and transparent feasibility and sustainability analysis conducted with professional support.  This will show us which sites could be used for housing and how they compare on a broad range of sustainability criteria.


We will use this information to select the most suitable sites which we will combine in varying ways to derive a number of possible housing options to meet or exceed the housing requirement. These options will be subject to a broad public consultation and finally, as part of the whole Plan, a public referendum.


While it will not be possible to satisfy all residents of the Neighbourhood Plan Area we hope that this process will provide the opportunity for public input and result in a housing component of the Plan that is agreeable to the majority of residents.